Earth Day Chat

The archive is now available via Storify –

Since a certain infographic titled Trade Shows Creating Most of The World’s Waste was shared on the chat today I’d like to take the time to counter that with Travis Stanton’s (@stantontravis) editorial in Exhibitor Magazine .

ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday April 23, 2014 – 3pm ET

Moderator – Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno)

In honor of Earth Day and the continuing interest in green meetings and trade shows, it’s time to take a good hard look at how the trade show industry-allegedly one of the least green of the MICE industries–weighs in on this issue. In this edition of #Expochat, Michelle Bruno forces you all to come clean on green.  Here’s what we will talk about:

How has your company or organization dealt with carbon emissions, waste or environmental sustainability?

What are the green “trade show” best practices that you are familiar with?

What are the long-term benefits for the trade show industry of being green?

What examples of green-ness have you observed at trade shows?

Why are some trade shows green and not others?

Have you been asked to demonstrate that you have green policies in effect in order to obtain a contract or take advantage of an opportunity?

What green products or services do you offer?

What sorts of green special interest groups do you participate in?

What can/should industry leaders do to help organizers be more green?


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Do We Need To Up Our Sponsorship Game?

Archive is now available via Storify –

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, April 16, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

Moderator: Traci Browne @tracibrowne

Countless articles are written about creating better more meaningful sponsorships for our events. Industry conferences have sessions dedicated to it. Yet we often still see bronze, silver and gold packages straight out of the 80s.

Some events and sponsors are getting creative and the sponsors say they see more value and the events say they get more value, their attendees get more value. Some show organizers say they even get more revenue from this type of sponsorship.

Today we’ll talk about what it takes to get creative. What do you need to keep in mind? Who is responsible…or should be?

Some background reading for today’s chat: How To Create Winning Sponsorships for Expos and Conferences

Q1 What are the upsides/downsides of taking the time to create more creative sponsorship opportunities (organizers and sponsors)

Q2 Have you done or seen any create sponsorships lately? What were they?

Q3 What drives innovative sponsorships? Who is in best position to lead sponsorship innovation (role on show side and sponsor)

Q4 What are the key ingredients for a successful sponsorship?

Q5 What metrics do sponsors want from show organizers to help measure the success of the partnership?

Q6 What metrics do show organizers look for to judge success?

Q7 What are some things a sponsor can/should do to ensure success other than write a check

Q8 What are some things the show should do to ensure success other than “build it”?

Q9. What have been your biggest challenges regarding sponsorship (please identify if as a show organizer SO or sponsor SP)

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (I highly recommend watching this movie…you’ll cry when you see all the effort and investment many the sponsors put into their sponsorship of the movie)


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Millennial Development & Education

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The archive for today’s chat is now available via Storify

Moderator: Dana Freker Doody (@TheExpoGroup)

“Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. Birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.” – Wikipedia

A new chatter requested we tackle this topic as many associations and companies are struggling to create valuable programs within their organizations and, in the case of associations, programs that could be repeated at a show or within member companies.

Q1 How do you spell Millennial? (not a trick question!)
Q2 How has this new generation already affected your job as an event, exhibit or show manager or supplier?
Q3 Do you see value in trade shows offering millennial education specifically? Why/why not?
Q4 What would you recommend as a best practice for any educational development programs?
Q5 How could you envision such development taking place within a trade show setting?
Q6 What could vendors sponsor or do to participate in a millennial development program?
Q7 Have you seen exhibitor education programs separate from conference programs that really work?
Q8 What do you see as the impact of this new generation on trade shows, events and conventions?
Q9 What would you say to a Gen Y attendee to get them excited about your event or exhibit in general?

Cam Marston a Humorous Look at the Four Generations in Today’s Workplace

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The Issue Of Data Collection

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Moderator: Michelle Bruno @michellebruno

Data is a big issue these days with everyone in the world spying on everyone else. Trade show organizers and suppliers are no strangers to data. In fact, there are lots of ways to collect data from and about trade show attendees (and exhibitors) using registration, mobile devices, RFID, NFC, beacons and other collection tools and we’re pretty happy with those capabilities.  In this week’s #Expochat, Michelle Bruno will lead a discussion on the issue of data collection: who is collecting what data, what they’re doing with the data they collect, how we feel about being the place “where everybody knows your name” and everything else about you, and what we have to do to make data a good thing.

For background reading on today’s topic see How Secure Is Your Event Data

Here are the questions:

How important is customer data to your organization?
What data do you collect from or about your customers, attendees or exhibitors?
How do you collect data from your customers, attendees or exhibitors at the trade show?
What do you do with the information you collect?
Is data a friend or foe for our industry?
How do you secure the data you collect about attendees, exhibitors or your customers?
How do you let your customers know that you are collecting data on them?
Have you noticed any sensitivity from attendees about data collection and usage?
What are ways to make attendees happy about collecting data from/about them?
What are ways that the industry can help us to get our arms around the issue of data collection and privacy?

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Ode to the Entrepreneur

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, March 26, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

Storify archive of today’s chat is now available –

Moderator: @michellebruno

With fairly stagnant job growth, new availability of healthcare for all and transition to a post-industrial economy, more and more individuals are leaving their jobs (or being forced out) to start something on their own. In the trade show industry, there are plenty of management consultants, audio-visual advisors, floor managers, freelance writers and other professionals available to fill in the gaps for companies on a contract basis. In this week’s edition of Expochat, Michelle Bruno will moderate a discussion on becoming an entrepreneur, sustaining a career as a solopreneur and staying in a job but thinking/contributing like you own the place. Here’s what she’ll ask you:

Q1 What types of contractors and other solopreneurs do you hire in your current position or at your firm?
Q2 If you are an entrepreneur/solopreneur, why did you decide to go in that direction?
Q3 If you have the autonomy in your job to think like an entrepreneur, how do you take advantage of it?
Q4 What are the advantages to hiring outside contract workers or solopreneurs?
Q5 What are the drawbacks of hiring outside contract workers or solopreneurs?
Q6 What do you feel are the qualities/business conditions necessary to go solo?
Q7 What is the biggest downside to becoming a solopreneur or entrepreneur?
Q8 Where are the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in the trade show industry?
Q9 How can/should our industry support entrepreneurs and solopreneurs?
Q10 If you hire solopreneurs and contract individuals, what would help you do more of it?

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What can your data do? What are you doing with your data?

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 3pm ET/Noon PT

The archive of today’s chat is now available via storify –

Moderator: Traci Browne @tracibrowne
Special Guests: Eric Misic (@EricMisic) and Joe Colangelo (@JoeColangelo) of Bear Analytics (@BearAnalytics)

Trade show organizers and exhibitors collect a tremendous amount of data. There is data in our registration process, there is data we collect in surveys, there is social media data, there is traffic data, there is lead data…yes there is data galore!

The question is, what are you doing with all that data? Are you using it at all? Perhaps you’d like to use it but have no idea where to start.

Well, this week on #ExpoChat we’re going to explore the topic of data.

In preparation you might want to read up on how two shows uncovered some juicy stuff hidden in their data. Read about how the National Apartment Association used their data to more effectively market their event and as justification to go to their board and ask for what they needed.

BIO used their data to make improvements like lowering registration fees, lowering costs and increasing revenue.

Read more about that in Are You Making Sense of Your Data?

Chat questions:

Q1 Show organizers and exhibitors – are you collecting data and if so what data are you collecting?
Q2. If you are collecting data, do you have a process in place to analyse it? How often do you review and what do you do with it?
Q3. We often hear that organizations are adverse to change. How can you use data to support change or prevent bad changes
Q4. How much information do you have to collect so that anecdotal data becomes scientific…i.e. four people didn’t like your opening party vs. 400 people didn’t
Q5. What data can/should you be collecting at a show…both exhibitors and show organizers
Q6. Exhibitors, what data would you like show organizers to collect to help you justify exhibiting.
Q7. What tools are available to make it easier to collect data…analog and digital
Q8. Seems these days we’re swimming in data…what’s your biggest frustration when in comes or collection and/or analysis and/or action?
Q9. If you could wave a magic wand and have someone figure it all out for you…how would you want information presented? Excel charts, info graphics, powerpoints, etc.

We have two videos for you today…one is fun and one is actually very informative and interesting. Enjoy!

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Pre-Exhibitor Show Chat With Travis Stanton

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, March 12, 2014 @ 3pm ET/noon PT
Moderated by @TheExpoGroup (Dana Freker Doody)

Archive is now available via Storify here:

One of our industry’s major events happens next week, #Exhibitor2014.
Let’s discover from the editor of Exhibitor, Travis Stanton, what we should expect this year at Exhibitor and how Exhibitor handles some frequent #expochat topics.

@stantontravis What is new at #Exhibitor2014? I’m asking abt education, exhibits, in general
Q1 Who is going to #Exhibitor2014 and what are you most looking forward to doing/seeing there?

@stantontravis Dinner with Strangers a hit at #Exhibitor2014 Will you tell us what it is & how it came about?
Q2 Besides Dinner w/Strangers, what are other ways to help attendees meet new people outside of a networking app?
@stantontravis How do you measure success of a program like Dinner w/Strangers? Why keep doing it?

@stantontravis How does #exhibitor2014 manage press passes for online journalists/bloggers?
Q3 What are some ways shows can be sure they have the right media represented, both print and digital, big and niche?

@stantontravis Will there be any gamification at #exhibitor2014 — via an app or old school paper style?
Q4 Who remembers what the keys to a successful game are from #expochat 2 weeks ago?

@stantontravis The Square is community space just outside exhibits at #exhibitor2014 – what’s in it?
Q5 How would you define a successful community space/association booth/town hall at a #tradeshow?

@stantontravis What have you reported on lately in @exhibitor that we should be paying more attention to here on #expochat?
Q6 What other questions do you have for Travis?

Don’t forget the #expochat #exhibitor2014 tweetup!

You’re chatting with strangers so you might as well dine with some:

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