ExpoChat Season Two Opens With Pertinent Discussions on Topical Issues

Twitter provides weekly forum for interaction of trade show professionals

Irving, Texas – Oct. 2, 2013 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Professionals in the trade show industry are committed to face-to-face meetings, but many are incorporating online interaction into their personal educational and networking commitments.

The weekly Twitter chat operating on the hashtag #ExpoChat is the only resource of its kind for those working in expositions, meaning exhibitors, corporate marketers, trade and association show organizers, suppliers, content writers and facilities personnel.

“ExpoChat is a gathering place for everyone involved in trade shows and expos to exchange best practices and brainstorm new ideas together. But just as importantly, it’s a true community where all participants leave their egos and titles at the door.” says Traci Browne of Red Cedar Marketing. Browne is a co-founder of ExpoChat along with Stephanie Selesnick of International Trade Information Inc. and Dana Freker Doody of The Expo Group.

Community response to ExpoChat since it began 18 months ago has been positive and productive. Those involved have done business with others they met via the chat; rookie exhibit managers have found mentors; others have found job opportunities.

“It was important to us when we created ExpoChat to embolden a group of people networking online to hear and voice their opinions about issues specifically affecting people and companies working inside that trade show box,” says Freker Doody. “Our struggles and successes are different from other event professionals, and our community often is fragmented by separate association memberships. ExpoChat has a ‘Love All, Serve All’ mentality.”

In fact, regular participants in #ExpoChat include a rookie exhibitor who recently completed her first trade show exhibit experience alongside a few pros who have been at it for 30 years. They share passion for their work, and embrace new technology tools like Twitter to open new worlds.

“We meet online every Wednesday, and we welcome new participants!” says Selesnick. “Schedule some time to check out our chats at 3 p.m. Eastern/Noon Pacific. We post topics, often submitted by participants and centered on real-world solutions on our blog at”

About ExpoChat
ExpoChat is a Twitter chat created by Traci Browne, @tracibrowne; Dana Freker Doody, @theexpogroup; and Stephanie Selesnick, @stephselesnick; who serve as moderators along with Michelle Bruno, @michellebruno, of Event Tech Brief. The community encourages sharing of resources and ideas to improve careers, results gleaned from exhibit marketing and trade shows in general. ExpoChat offers a Speaker’s Bureau of relevant topics.

More information on the founders, the chats and the opportunities can be found at or contact Freker Doody at 972.751.9644.

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