Shaking Up The Expo Floor Plan

Today’s #ExpoChat archive is now available for viewing here.

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, November 12th, 3PM ET/Noon PT
Moderator: Dana Freker Doody (@expodana)

We’re talking this week about how to draw floor plans, with special guests from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

Joining us and receiving some direct questions from the moderator and the group will be Scott Craighead, CEM, Vice President of Exhibitions and Events; and Rick Jennings, CEM, Vice President of Partnership Relations. IAEE has shaken up their floor plan a bit so check it out here.

ALL: Who’s going to IAEE Expo!Expo! this year Dec 9-11 in LA?
IAEE: Looks like you are shaking things up at Expo!Expo! with diagonal cross aisles and more. Why?
ALL: What floorplan designs have you seen or tried? Pros and cons?
IAEE: Who was involved in the decision to shake up the floor plan in this way?
IAEE: How did you get feedback from members about redesigning the floor plan?
ALL: What is important to *keep* when making changes like this?
IAEE: What other tactics are you using to shake up the floorplan?
ALL: What have you seen work on the trade show floor to boost attendee & exhibitor interaction & engagement?
IAEE: What was the reaction of exhibitors during the sales process?
ALL: What tricks & tips can you share about placing anchors and interaction points on the show floor?
ALL: What other questions might you have about the IAEE floorplan for 2014 Expo!Expo!?

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1 Response to Shaking Up The Expo Floor Plan

  1. Bill Sell says:

    Interesting concept with cross aisles. Questions that come to mind, as a show organizer, will I eat the cost of the extensive carpet cuts the general service contractor is incurring – so will my cost per linear foot of carpet go up to make up for a much higher percentage of carpet that is wasted and can’t be reused? Every cross aisle looks to have a giant 45 degree cut to accommodate the unique diagonal aisles. Also, booths like Totally Mod – would they have purchased that island as a full size 20×20 but now only needed a 200 sq ft to get that long frontage on the diagonal aisle? If this new plan causes exhibitors to be able to downgrade their space buy and still get the excellent exposure, that will be a problem for organizers. Win though for an exhibitor.

    If the goal is to get the attendees to turn more and see more booths head on instead of just having long, straight aisles, another way to do it is to simply take the existing grid pattern with straight front-to-back aisles and left-to-right aisles and shift the middle section a couple of cross aisles in left or right 10 feet so the attendee makes a number of turns every couple of aisles but this still has regular carpet runs to save cost of production. I do like the idea of placing association “stuff” into the middle to pull people in and to get away from the usual larger booths up front approach. Will this Expo Expo program allow people to sit to eat? Cocktail rounds with four chairs to sit and meet some people during the exhibit times isn’t bad…just not what Expo Expo has done for many years. Keep the buffet and keep food pick up in many locations to move people around, but allow them to sit to eat.

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