Chaos and Change

The archive from today’s chat is available via Storify –

ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, December 10, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

Moderator: Dana Freker Doody (@expodana)

Change can be a scary prospect, we too often get comfortable and fight off disruption. But for a business or association to do so can be deadly. We all have heard stories of trade shows that no longer exist and companies that were torn asunder by rigid adherence to the same old-same old.

Business is in a state of flux, forcing chaos on many in our line of work and for those whom we serve in our professions. Embracing that chaos stems from recognizing it for what it is and setting nostalgia and and aside to fluidly respond. Robert Safian of Fast Company delivered this message at IAEE Expo!Expo! So let’s see what the #expochat community thinks.

Q1 What have you changed lately that has worked out for you or your organization?
Q2 What specifically have you tried in your expo or exhibit marketing that has had an impact? Negative or positive.
Q3 How can we all be more targeted in our marketing, something lots of folks at #expoexpo are asking? What’s needed?
Q4 What’s the first indicator for you that a chaotic situation is upon you? @rsafian said knowing its chaos is key. Key insight is to recognize WHEN we are in chaos and when not so we can respond appropriately @rsafian #expoexpo
Q5 Would you agree or disagree events industry is no longer working under any set rules of business, that anything goes?
Q6 In keynote @rsafian said Edit and Amplify. What could you cut out of your event, exhibit, show?
Q7 How can you pull marketing, conference and ops  together to make those kind changes and prepare to be fluid?
Q8 What are the consequences of standing still for you personally in your business role?

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