#ExpoChat Cancelled This Week Due To Turkey

There will be no #ExpoChat this week as everyone in the U.S. will be heading over the river and through the woods to their grandma’s house.

Those not traveling will either be running to packed grocery stores in search of the cranberries they forgot to buy the day before, or they will be trying to get a *jumped jump on the roasted vegetables, or they will be involved in a deep philosophical debate on spatchcocking.

There are those, not mentioning any names, who will be participating in the ever important holiday tradition of forgetting about all of the above and spending the evening in the bar with friends.

Yes, folks…it’s that time of year here in the U.S. The season of gluttony.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those not living in the U.S., happy “just another day at the office.”

*Retraction/Correction: We deeply apologize for our spelling error. We did not intend to portray vegetables as thugs and/or bandits.

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Aha moments from Niche Event Fest

The archive of today’s chat is now available via Storify

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 3pm ET/noon PT

moderator: Traci Browne (@TraciBrowne)

A couple weeks ago Traci Browne (@TraciBrowne), Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno) and Stephanie Selesnick (@StephSelesnick) were all in New Orleans for the very first Niche Event Fest produced by Niche Media.

This was an event attended by 128 business to business publishers, consumer magazine publishers, corporate event producers and association event managers. One of the things I (Traci) loved about this event was the fact that this was a whole new crowd of people. New people means new ideas.

This week on #ExpoChat Traci, Michelle and Stephanie will share some of their “aha moments” from the event and we can talk about how those ideas/moments/observations might relate to trade shows and expos.

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ from A-ha

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Shaking Up The Expo Floor Plan

Today’s #ExpoChat archive is now available for viewing here.

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, November 12th, 3PM ET/Noon PT
Moderator: Dana Freker Doody (@expodana)

We’re talking this week about how to draw floor plans, with special guests from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

Joining us and receiving some direct questions from the moderator and the group will be Scott Craighead, CEM, Vice President of Exhibitions and Events; and Rick Jennings, CEM, Vice President of Partnership Relations. IAEE has shaken up their floor plan a bit so check it out here.

ALL: Who’s going to IAEE Expo!Expo! this year Dec 9-11 in LA?
IAEE: Looks like you are shaking things up at Expo!Expo! with diagonal cross aisles and more. Why?
ALL: What floorplan designs have you seen or tried? Pros and cons?
IAEE: Who was involved in the decision to shake up the floor plan in this way?
IAEE: How did you get feedback from members about redesigning the floor plan?
ALL: What is important to *keep* when making changes like this?
IAEE: What other tactics are you using to shake up the floorplan?
ALL: What have you seen work on the trade show floor to boost attendee & exhibitor interaction & engagement?
IAEE: What was the reaction of exhibitors during the sales process?
ALL: What tricks & tips can you share about placing anchors and interaction points on the show floor?
ALL: What other questions might you have about the IAEE floorplan for 2014 Expo!Expo!?

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Better and New Ways To Give Exhibitors What They Want

#ExpoChat archive of today’s chat is now available via Storify https://storify.com/tracibrowne/better-and-new-ways-to-give-exhibitors-what-they-w

Exhibitors invest in our shows because they want to get sales leads, establish themselves as leaders in the industry, and they want to network.

Traditionally, the way we help them do this is pretty straightforward. We put them in an exhibit hall and arm them with lead retrieval devices to help them gather leads. To help them network we throw big parties. We sometimes give them stage time to establish themselves as thought leaders.

Today on the chat we’ll brainstorm ways show organizers can do these three things better. We’ll share what we’ve learned from other events (government, B2B, and consumer) we’ve attended or worked.

And remember…during a brainstorm no ideas are bad ideas and even the craziest ideas should be brought to the table.

Q1. What’s not working with our traditional expo hall, badges and lead retrieval devices?

Q2. What are ways shows can deliver more qualified leads to their exhibitors.

Q3. What’s broken when it comes to networking at trade shows?

Q4. What are ways we can improve networking at shows? (technology, environment, event size, etc.)

Q5. What is not working with how shows showcase exhibitors and sponsors as thought leaders?

Q6. What ways can shows position their sponsors as thought leaders that benefit attendees?

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What Data Really Matters?

#ExpoChat Archive for Wednesday, October 22nd is now available via Storify

Moderator: Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno)
Guest: April Wilson (@aprilewilson) of Digital Analytics 101

Data is one of those things that everyone talks about, but few people actually understand. For trade show organizers and suppliers, it’s the new black.

In today’s #expochat we will be joined by April Wilson (formerly of Hanley Wood) and now President and CEO of Digital Analytics 101. Her bio reads, “April Wilson has a long history of measuring and optimizing customer communication for top brands, and she has built her career around evangelizing the power of data and using consumer insights to change behavior.”

At her company, she consults with mid-sized firms on digital marketing strategy and measurement, including: analytic product development, social media, email, website, optimization, and high-level loyalty program design.

April will be with us for the first half hour to school us on what we should be measuring and how it all works. After that, we’ll discuss how the rest of us are doing—good, bad or how the heck do we know.

Here are the questions:

April:  Why is data important?
April   What does a data collection strategy look like for trade show organizers and suppliers?
April:  What data will really move the needle for both organizers and suppliers?
April:  How can the “unschooled” process or act on the data we collect?
April:  Since data is an overwhelming subject for most people, what should we think or understand about it?
Group: What are some of the data points that you measure at your show/company?
Group:  What are some of the ways in which you collect data at your company?
Group: What do you do with the data that you collect?
Group: What are some examples of where data helped your organization?

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How To Keep Your International Exhibitors

The #ExpoChat archive is now available via Storify here

ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, October 15, 2014 3pm ET/Noon PT
Moderator: Stephanie Selesnick (@StephSelesnick)

This week IMEX America is taking place in Las Vegas. Stephanie Selesnick will be moderating from the pressroom at the show. For those of you who haven’t heard, IMEX America is one of the most international exhibitions and conferences in the US. It’s also one of the few successful launches by a European company.

We’ll be discussing how to keep your international exhibitors. (Attracting them is a whole other topic!)

1. Do you exhibit outside the US – and if so, why?
a. Do you bring your exhibitors (as a pavilion)?
2. What are some of the biggest differences you’ve seen between US and international exhibitions?
3. What are some of the similarities?
4. What can you do to help the rest of your team understand those differences?
5. How can you make it easier for your international exhibitors to be successful at your show-
a. Pre-Show
b. At-Show
c. Post-Show
6. What other resources are available to us to assist our international exhibitors?

Don’t kills us for posting this one…

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Put Your Site Visit to Work

Archive is now available via Storify (Issues with reordering on Storify this week so scroll down to the bottom and read backwards.)

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, October 8, 2014 – 3PM ET/Noon PT

Moderator: Dana Freker Doody (@expodana)

Trade show and event organizers spend lots of time planning, and site visits are a big part of that. But site visits are not just for operations people. How can behind-the-scenes looks be used to promote the show and engage attendees and exhibitors?

Q1 How far in advance are you registering for events you attend? What triggers you to do it?
Q2 How many site visits are happening between pre-contract phase to show opening?
Q3 What kinds of content could an organizer capture specifically while on a site visit to share online?
Q4 Exhibitors often have site visits with show management or on their own. Is that beneficial?
Q5 How could trade show organizers better include attendees & their opinions on site visits?
Q6 How are you using technology during site visits?
Q7 What other planning processes would make for good shareable content?
Q8 Any examples of shows that share event-related content year-round?

Here are some examples from IMTS

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