#ExpoChat Cancelled This Week Due To Turkey

There will be no #ExpoChat this week as everyone in the U.S. will be heading over the river and through the woods to their grandma’s house.

Those not traveling will either be running to packed grocery stores in search of the cranberries they forgot to buy the day before, or they will be trying to get a *jumped jump on the roasted vegetables, or they will be involved in a deep philosophical debate on spatchcocking.

There are those, not mentioning any names, who will be participating in the ever important holiday tradition of forgetting about all of the above and spending the evening in the bar with friends.

Yes, folks…it’s that time of year here in the U.S. The season of gluttony.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those not living in the U.S., happy “just another day at the office.”

*Retraction/Correction: We deeply apologize for our spelling error. We did not intend to portray vegetables as thugs and/or bandits.

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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1 Response to #ExpoChat Cancelled This Week Due To Turkey

  1. Sad I had to look up spatchcocking. LOL S

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