Is your organization looking for a great speaker? Well you’ve come to the right place. The founders of the leading trade show and expo industry Twitter chat are available to speak to your group. We’ve made it easy for you by listing some of the topics they can speak on. For more information please contact the speakers directly.

T_B 004Traci Browne

Traci Browne, author of The Social Trade Show and Trade Show Secrets, has presented at industry events including the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, EXHIBITOR Show, Event Camp East Coast, the Business Marketing Association Philadelphia Chapter and corporate marketing events.

Traci has also conducted in-person exhibitor training and webinars for show organizers. She has recently launched an on-demand training series available to trade show and expo organizers for their exhibitors.

Sample Topics

  • Content Marketing: Build a Community
  • Content Marketing: Sell Them On The Experience
  • Using Twitter Chats to Promote Your Event and Build Community
  • Using Twitter Chats to Promote Your Brand and Build Community
  • Rise Above The Noise – Using Content Marketing and Social Media To Draw Attendees To Your Booth (huge hit with exhibitors)

Contact Traci at traci(at)red-cedar(dot)com or 610.331.2781 or @TraciBrowne

image001Dana Freker Doody

Dana Freker Doody is vice president of Corporate Communications for The Expo Group overseeing in-house and client-side programs as well as creating strategic communications and personalized experiential solutions. Dana is a 12-year veteran of the company and the industry, to which she brings a strong service background from her days at Disneyland and a communications background forged in the newspaper industry. She earned bachelor of arts degrees in journalism and in history from Southern Methodist University.

Dana speaks on the following topics and would be happy to craft something appropriate for your group:

  • Creating fascinating experiences on the trade show floor
  • Harnessing the power of social media at exhibitions and events
  • Winning repeat attendees through managed expectations and personal connections
  • Questioning the status quo to achieve greater show revenues
  • Building community surrounding your association or organizational events and trade shows
  • Understanding why a draped table costs $120

Contact Dana at ddoody(at)theexpogroup(dot)com or 972.751.9644 or @theexpogroup

steph-head-shot-for-webStephanie Selesnick

A second-generation trade show enthusiast, Stephanie began working trade shows at the tender age of 10 and joined ITI full time in 1993, becoming a full partner in 2002 and President in March 2009.

Since then, she has worked on exhibitions in the agricultural, apparel, consumer electronics, energy, food and beverage, high tech construction, baby, juvenile and maternity. renewables, shoe, and travel industries all over the world.

Stephanie is a frequent domestic and global speaker and trainer for associations, private companies and exhibition industry associations. Stephanie was one of few CEM faculty certified for overseas instruction teaching accredited classes for 9 years for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) in the US, Mexico, Canada and China and is an active member of the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO).

She blogs weekly for Expo Magazine, on occasion for Exhibition World and InfoSalons.com, is a founder and sometime moderator for ExpoChat (on Twitter), participates in quarterly Webinar 3.0’s with The Pulse Network, and is the Community Engagement Ringleader for SISO.

Stephanie’s sample interactive sessions and workshops:

  • Exhibitor Training (International and U.S.-focused)
  • International 101 (for organizations – includes sales clinic as separate component)
  • Social Media Best Practices for Show Organizers
  • With the Advent of Virtual and Digital, How Do We Compel People to our Live Events?
  • How to Work with Influencers to Grow Your Show

Contact Stephanie at stephanie(at)intltradeinfo(dot)com

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