The Biennial #ExpoChat Love Chat

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One March rolls around we will not be posting weekly topics on this site…we will not be shutting it down completely, it will just host the old archives.


It’s time to bring back the #expochat love chat. Come share the love!

In the spirit of the topic, please invite someone to join us on the chat.

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, February 11, 3pm ET/noon PT
With moderator Dana Freker Doody, @expodana (also tweeting @theexpogroup)

We don’t always take time to reflect on the positives when we are running around making improvements and bemoaning where things are lacking. Take time for it this week with your fellow industry social media buffs.

Q1 If you had candy conversation hearts in your booth, what would they say?

Q2 What do you love about expos, exhibitions and events?

Q3 What do you love about your job in particular?

Q4 What city do you love enough to tack extra days onto your trip?

Q5 Which jeweler do you wish made wearable tech pieces suitable for Valentine’s Day?

Q6 What element of your tradeshow or exhibit do you love so much you would never change?

Q7 What program/conference/expo in our industry do you love enough to recommend?

Q8 What blogs/podcasts so you love enough to recommend?

Q9 What do you love about #expochat?

Rest assured, I believe in a thing called love. I also believe this guy’s zipper broke.



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Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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