“The code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules” Captain Hector Barbossa

The hashtag #expochat was started to facilitate a weekly chat (Every wednesday at 3pm ET/noon PT) that focuses exclusively on trade shows.

We welcome trade show organizers, exhibitors, vendors, venues, attendees and trade show groupies to the chat. Anyone who wants to talk about trade shows with the goal of making them better and sharing ideas with each other is welcome. The following is the Code of Conduct to make the chat better for everyone involved.

  • leave the self-promotion and advertising behind. By all means share your area of expertise but this is not the platform to advertise special pricing or your website/blog. If you’ve captured people’s attention by your brilliance and wit, they will seek out your site.
  • If you have written a blog post that you think others will find relevant to the discussion it’s best to first ask the group if they’d like you to share it. If they don’t, they will probably ignore your question.
  • dissenting opinions are not only welcome they are the key to a great discussion. Just be polite…comments in 140 characters can sound terse.
  • We have fun in #expochat and it’s a way to let off some stream. Sometimes side conversations about “planking” and “rick-rolling” happen. It’s ok, go with the flow, there is still plenty of brilliant ideas getting knocked around.
  • If you have an idea for a topic for discussion, please let us know. It’s not easy coming up with topics every single week.
  • If you stumble across something during the week you think the group would find valuable, by all means–attach the hashtag to the tweet. Just please do not do this during the chat hour.
  • And along the same line…if you are going to use the hashtag during the week, we ask that you try to participate in the weekly chats. This way you will get to know the group better and what we find relevant.

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