Better and New Ways To Give Exhibitors What They Want

#ExpoChat archive of today’s chat is now available via Storify

Exhibitors invest in our shows because they want to get sales leads, establish themselves as leaders in the industry, and they want to network.

Traditionally, the way we help them do this is pretty straightforward. We put them in an exhibit hall and arm them with lead retrieval devices to help them gather leads. To help them network we throw big parties. We sometimes give them stage time to establish themselves as thought leaders.

Today on the chat we’ll brainstorm ways show organizers can do these three things better. We’ll share what we’ve learned from other events (government, B2B, and consumer) we’ve attended or worked.

And remember…during a brainstorm no ideas are bad ideas and even the craziest ideas should be brought to the table.

Q1. What’s not working with our traditional expo hall, badges and lead retrieval devices?

Q2. What are ways shows can deliver more qualified leads to their exhibitors.

Q3. What’s broken when it comes to networking at trade shows?

Q4. What are ways we can improve networking at shows? (technology, environment, event size, etc.)

Q5. What is not working with how shows showcase exhibitors and sponsors as thought leaders?

Q6. What ways can shows position their sponsors as thought leaders that benefit attendees?

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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