What Data Really Matters?

#ExpoChat Archive for Wednesday, October 22nd is now available via Storify

Moderator: Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno)
Guest: April Wilson (@aprilewilson) of Digital Analytics 101

Data is one of those things that everyone talks about, but few people actually understand. For trade show organizers and suppliers, it’s the new black.

In today’s #expochat we will be joined by April Wilson (formerly of Hanley Wood) and now President and CEO of Digital Analytics 101. Her bio reads, “April Wilson has a long history of measuring and optimizing customer communication for top brands, and she has built her career around evangelizing the power of data and using consumer insights to change behavior.”

At her company, she consults with mid-sized firms on digital marketing strategy and measurement, including: analytic product development, social media, email, website, optimization, and high-level loyalty program design.

April will be with us for the first half hour to school us on what we should be measuring and how it all works. After that, we’ll discuss how the rest of us are doing—good, bad or how the heck do we know.

Here are the questions:

April:  Why is data important?
April   What does a data collection strategy look like for trade show organizers and suppliers?
April:  What data will really move the needle for both organizers and suppliers?
April:  How can the “unschooled” process or act on the data we collect?
April:  Since data is an overwhelming subject for most people, what should we think or understand about it?
Group: What are some of the data points that you measure at your show/company?
Group:  What are some of the ways in which you collect data at your company?
Group: What do you do with the data that you collect?
Group: What are some examples of where data helped your organization?

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