Creating More “Buzz” For Our Shows

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ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, October 1, 2014.

Moderator: Traci Browne (@tracibrowne)

This week’s chat topic was suggest by Arlene Shows, TSNN Marketing Manager. Thank you Arlene!

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In this week’s chat we will cover three different aspects of our shows when it comes to creating buzz.

Part I: Working With Speakers

How can “celebrity” speakers (celebrity could be a big name in the industry…not just an actor or author or politician) play a pivotal role, or more specifically – how can we get a speaker to jump on board with our show and be an advocate – not just a famous person attendees want to come see.

Check out this article in Convene Magazine about speaker promotion videos – Go Beyond the Blurb With Your Content Marketing Strategy

Part II: Fun As An Essential Ingredient

How can we work more fun into our shows. Fun that people actually talk about in the months leading up to our event. What fun can we provide, that will provide great visuals for marketing our event next year?

Check out this video create by CMWorld Sponsor, Brightcove. Are these attendees having fun? And yes, there are some speakers in there as well.

CM World 2014: Just Dance (I could not figure out how to embed this…but it is our video for the day so enjoy.)

Part III: For a Good Cause

How can shows find a cause that matches up with the relevancy of their event and make it a win win for the cause and their event?
Please read this article for reference – “Three Big Takeaways from the #IceBucketChallenge for Digital Marketers”

Getting Speakers Involved

Celebrity speaker = someone who doesn’t need exposure, could be industry CEO or someone respected in industry

Q1. Is it reasonable to expect a “celebrity” speaker would help promote your event? Why or why not?

Q2. What could show organizers offer to get a speaker to get them on board helping in promotion?

Q3. Besides helping to promote, what are other ways big name speakers can be advocates for our event?

Q4. If you go the contract route, what bare minimums of support should you add to your speaker contract?

Fun as an Essential Ingredient

Q5 Fun is subjective. What are some fun moments you’ve experienced at events and/or heard stories of?

Q6 Suggest three activities you would consider fun enough to entice you to go to one event over another all things being equal.

Q7 What elements should be included in “fun” to make it appealing in future show marketing (think about all senses).

For A Good Cause

Q8 What are the key ingredients you need to incorporate a cause/charity into your event?

Q9 What are some of the warning flags that your charitable/cause partnership is doomed to fail?

Q10 What are some examples of successful/failed incorporations of charitable/cause inclusions at trade shows?

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