It’s Great to be a Girl!

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#ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, September 23, 2014

Moderator: Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno)

The subject of sexual harassment is in the news again and it’s no surprise. By some estimates, 50 percent of women and 20 percent of men have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Arguably, the trade show environment—the show floor during move-in and move-out (many more men than women), evening social activities involving alcohol, adults working long hours away from home—is ripe for inappropriate comments and behavior directed toward women. This week on #Expochat, we’re going to talk about sexual harassment at and around trade shows and what we can do to address or prevent it. Here are the questions we will discuss:

1.     What comments or behaviors should be categorized as harassment?

2.     What are accepted trade show practices that might encourage harassment?

3.     What are the repercussions for our industry if we allow sexual harassment to occur?

4.     What are the repercussions for our industry if we don’t discuss sexual harassment?

5.     What can/should someone who has been harassed at a trade show do about it?

6.     What should be the acceptable punishments for individuals who harass?

7.     How should we address individuals who inadvertently harass?

8.     What does your company (organizer or supplier) do to help prevent sexual harassment?

9.     What should the trade show industry do to help prevent sexual harassment?

NOTE: We will be doing a special live chat from Niche Event Fest on November 5th. Due to the timing of the event the November 5th chat will be at 5PM ET/ 2PM PT. Stay tuned for details.

Here’s a little something the North Wales Police put together…

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