Customizing the Event Experience by Customizing Event Content

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, June 18, 3PM ET/Noon PT

Moderator: Traci Browne (@TraciBrowne)

We often talk about how we can make face-to-face events more relevant to our audiences on #ExpoChat. With so much valuable content and education available on the web, often for free, what can face-to-face events like trade shows and expos, offer that is different. What can they offer aside from the ability to meet up with others, well, face-to-face?

I (Traci Browne) personally believe the answer to the survival and growth of trade shows and expos is the ability to deliver a customized experience to each individual attendee. After all, that’s what they are used to getting online via searches. Those who prefer to read can find articles, white papers, blog posts and how-to’s. Those who prefer video or audio can also find exactly what they are looking for in their preferred format.

So why do so many event organizers prefer a one-size fits all model of delivering content. Sure, we might mix up the educational format with a mix of lectures, workshops and short “TED style” presentations but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The tools we have available today could help our attendees create a customized experience based on what content they are interested in. Near Field Communication and Beacon technology is not just a tool for the event organizer, but it’s a tool that benefits the attendee as well. It’s a way to ensure they are only getting the information that is relevant to them at a time that is right to receive it.

Mobile apps also have the potential to help an attendee customize their experience, yet very few app providers have made that functionality a priority.

Today on #ExpoChat we’ll be talking about how we can take the customized experience further. And do we even need to or is the way we are doing things just fine? Join us today to state your case and/or see a new perspective.

Q1 What are the advantages/disadvantages to embarking on a customized content model for your attendees?

Q2 Conference/expo content – are you on the “less is more” side of the fence or “the more choices the better” side – why?

Q3 What is the best way to segment our conf/expo education? By industry, job function, experience, use case, other?

Q4 What tools might you use to help your attendees customize their conference experience? How would they work?

Q5 Who on your event team should be part of the customized content committee? (What roles).

Q6 Given the industy’s reluctance to change…how might you pitch the idea or incorporate it into your event?

Q7 How would you measure the success of your efforts to provide customized content?

Customized shoes! Customization doesn’t get more important than this! Sorry guys…you probably just won’t understand this…

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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