An Existential Chat – Thoughts From ECEF

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, June 4, 2014 – 3pm ET/Noon PT

Moderator: Traci Browne (@TraciBrowne)

Today’s archive is now available…


Rachel Wimberly, editor for Trade Show News Network wrote a wrap-up on the Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum that took place in DC last week. I noticed there were some interesting tweets coming out of that event. I thought it might be nice to explore some of the concepts from that event on today’s #ExpoChat.

You can read Rachel’s article here – and also check out the #ECEF hashtag for more gems.

If you’d like to see the video of the sessions at ECEF check them out on BobTV

For our purposes today you don’t need to be a show organizer…if you’re not just pretend you are and answer the questions as if you had carte blanche to invent or change an event. Or, just pretend your an exhibitor or an attendee that’s been asked for input…and someone is actually going to listen to you.

Q1 Greg Topalian, Reed Exhibitions said events must build fan-like loyalty to fend off disruptions – how would you do that?
Q2 What is a “standard procedure” that might leave trade shows open to disruptions (ie. Blockbuster late fees opened door for Netflix)
Q3 What is something we do today that is likely to be irrelevant 10 years form now?
Q4 Gary Shapiro, CES challenged – come up with “three new major things at every show,” What would yours be?
Q5 How Might you change your event to make your audience dependent on it?
Q6 What are three boring elements you would remove from your event if you could?
Q7. Greg Topalian asked ‘Are you developing something they can’t get anywhere else?’
Q7. What would you offer that attendees can not get anywhere else? Have you been to an event like this?
Q8. how could you create an experience’ so that attendees know they are at a specific show?

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