Expanding Your Horizons

The archive of today’s chat is now available via Storify – https://storify.com/tracibrowne/expanding-our-horizons

Moderator: Traci Browne (@TraciBrowne)

I’ve been both surprised and disappointed in the number of show organizers and exhibitors who don’t go to trade shows, expos and events outside of their industry (and PCMA, SISO, IAEE, Etc. don’t count).

When I had my own expo I went to every single event I could possibly get to, to mine ideas. I had a consumer show, and I went to every show I could whether it was a gigantic event or just a few tables outside a shopping center. But I didn’t only go to consumer shows. I went to B2B expos, I went to trade shows, I went to festivals, I went to carnivals, I went to conferences, and I went to circuses.

The circus actually gave me my idea for the layout of our expo floor, which was essentially rings of constant activity that could be seen no matter where you stood.

So on this week’s expochat we’re going to talk about getting out of our own little communities and exploring the world beyond for new ideas. Together we’ll brainstorm where we can get new ideas and how we might convince our boss to let us do that exploring. After all, someone has to pay for it.

So, in preparation for our chat think of the places you get your ideas? What events or shows have you been to that others on the chat might want to visit. What are some objections you’re going to get when you propose traveling to see Cirque du Soleil or MAGIC or Fashion Week in Paris. How might you overcome those objections. And, since this is a serious expedition, what do you need to come back with to make it all worth it?

Hopefully it won’t be this difficult to get out and about…


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