14 Great Questions Every Show Organizer Should Ask

Expochat Topic for Wednesday, April 30, 2014 – 3pm ET

Moderator: Stephanie Selesnick @stephselesnick

This week’s #expochat is inspired by an article last weekend in the Chicago Tribune (via Inc.): 100 Great Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask. We’ve culled them down to a few – and want to discuss them in two ways: 1) the organizations we work for and, 2) our expos.

1. How can we become the company (or show) that would put us out of business? -Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group

2. Are we relevant? Will we be relevant five years from now? Ten? -Debra Kaye, innovation consultant and author

3. If we weren’t already in this business, would we enter it today? And if not, what are we going to do about it? -Peter Drucker, management expert and author

4. In the past few months, what is the smallest change we have made that has had the biggest positive result? – Robert Cialdini, author and professor emeritus of marketing and psychology at Arizona State University

5. Are we paying enough attention to the partners our company depends on to succeed? -Ron Adner, author and professor at Tuck School of Business

6. Are we changing as fast as the world around us? -Gary Hamel, author and management consultant

7. Who uses our product in ways we never expected? -Kevin P. Coyne and Shawn T. Coyne, authors and strategy consultants

8. How likely is it that a customer would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

9. Who, on the executive team or the board, has spoken to a customer recently? -James Champy, author and management expert

10. What should we stop doing? -Peter Drucker, management expert and author

11. What did we miss in the interview for the worst hire we ever made? -Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba Fitness

12. Am I failing differently each time? -David Kelley, founder, IDEO (Are We, as a show failing each time?)

13. Why don’t our customers like us? -James Champy

14. If our company went out of business tomorrow, would anyone who doesn’t get a paycheck here care? -Dan Pink

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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