The Issue Of Data Collection

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Moderator: Michelle Bruno @michellebruno

Data is a big issue these days with everyone in the world spying on everyone else. Trade show organizers and suppliers are no strangers to data. In fact, there are lots of ways to collect data from and about trade show attendees (and exhibitors) using registration, mobile devices, RFID, NFC, beacons and other collection tools and we’re pretty happy with those capabilities.  In this week’s #Expochat, Michelle Bruno will lead a discussion on the issue of data collection: who is collecting what data, what they’re doing with the data they collect, how we feel about being the place “where everybody knows your name” and everything else about you, and what we have to do to make data a good thing.

For background reading on today’s topic see How Secure Is Your Event Data

Here are the questions:

How important is customer data to your organization?
What data do you collect from or about your customers, attendees or exhibitors?
How do you collect data from your customers, attendees or exhibitors at the trade show?
What do you do with the information you collect?
Is data a friend or foe for our industry?
How do you secure the data you collect about attendees, exhibitors or your customers?
How do you let your customers know that you are collecting data on them?
Have you noticed any sensitivity from attendees about data collection and usage?
What are ways to make attendees happy about collecting data from/about them?
What are ways that the industry can help us to get our arms around the issue of data collection and privacy?

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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