Ode to the Entrepreneur

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, March 26, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

Storify archive of today’s chat is now available – http://storify.com/tracibrowne/ode-to-the-entrepreneur

Moderator: @michellebruno

With fairly stagnant job growth, new availability of healthcare for all and transition to a post-industrial economy, more and more individuals are leaving their jobs (or being forced out) to start something on their own. In the trade show industry, there are plenty of management consultants, audio-visual advisors, floor managers, freelance writers and other professionals available to fill in the gaps for companies on a contract basis. In this week’s edition of Expochat, Michelle Bruno will moderate a discussion on becoming an entrepreneur, sustaining a career as a solopreneur and staying in a job but thinking/contributing like you own the place. Here’s what she’ll ask you:

Q1 What types of contractors and other solopreneurs do you hire in your current position or at your firm?
Q2 If you are an entrepreneur/solopreneur, why did you decide to go in that direction?
Q3 If you have the autonomy in your job to think like an entrepreneur, how do you take advantage of it?
Q4 What are the advantages to hiring outside contract workers or solopreneurs?
Q5 What are the drawbacks of hiring outside contract workers or solopreneurs?
Q6 What do you feel are the qualities/business conditions necessary to go solo?
Q7 What is the biggest downside to becoming a solopreneur or entrepreneur?
Q8 Where are the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in the trade show industry?
Q9 How can/should our industry support entrepreneurs and solopreneurs?
Q10 If you hire solopreneurs and contract individuals, what would help you do more of it?

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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