What can your data do? What are you doing with your data?

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 3pm ET/Noon PT

The archive of today’s chat is now available via storify – http://storify.com/tracibrowne/what-can-your-data-do-what-are-you-doing-with-your?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=sfy.co-twitter&awesm=sfy.co_dci0&utm_content=storify-pingback&utm_campaign=

Moderator: Traci Browne @tracibrowne
Special Guests: Eric Misic (@EricMisic) and Joe Colangelo (@JoeColangelo) of Bear Analytics (@BearAnalytics)

Trade show organizers and exhibitors collect a tremendous amount of data. There is data in our registration process, there is data we collect in surveys, there is social media data, there is traffic data, there is lead data…yes there is data galore!

The question is, what are you doing with all that data? Are you using it at all? Perhaps you’d like to use it but have no idea where to start.

Well, this week on #ExpoChat we’re going to explore the topic of data.

In preparation you might want to read up on how two shows uncovered some juicy stuff hidden in their data. Read about how the National Apartment Association used their data to more effectively market their event and as justification to go to their board and ask for what they needed.

BIO used their data to make improvements like lowering registration fees, lowering costs and increasing revenue.

Read more about that in Are You Making Sense of Your Data?

Chat questions:

Q1 Show organizers and exhibitors – are you collecting data and if so what data are you collecting?
Q2. If you are collecting data, do you have a process in place to analyse it? How often do you review and what do you do with it?
Q3. We often hear that organizations are adverse to change. How can you use data to support change or prevent bad changes
Q4. How much information do you have to collect so that anecdotal data becomes scientific…i.e. four people didn’t like your opening party vs. 400 people didn’t
Q5. What data can/should you be collecting at a show…both exhibitors and show organizers
Q6. Exhibitors, what data would you like show organizers to collect to help you justify exhibiting.
Q7. What tools are available to make it easier to collect data…analog and digital
Q8. Seems these days we’re swimming in data…what’s your biggest frustration when in comes or collection and/or analysis and/or action?
Q9. If you could wave a magic wand and have someone figure it all out for you…how would you want information presented? Excel charts, info graphics, powerpoints, etc.

We have two videos for you today…one is fun and one is actually very informative and interesting. Enjoy!


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