Pre-Exhibitor Show Chat With Travis Stanton

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, March 12, 2014 @ 3pm ET/noon PT
Moderated by @TheExpoGroup (Dana Freker Doody)

Archive is now available via Storify here:

One of our industry’s major events happens next week, #Exhibitor2014.
Let’s discover from the editor of Exhibitor, Travis Stanton, what we should expect this year at Exhibitor and how Exhibitor handles some frequent #expochat topics.

@stantontravis What is new at #Exhibitor2014? I’m asking abt education, exhibits, in general
Q1 Who is going to #Exhibitor2014 and what are you most looking forward to doing/seeing there?

@stantontravis Dinner with Strangers a hit at #Exhibitor2014 Will you tell us what it is & how it came about?
Q2 Besides Dinner w/Strangers, what are other ways to help attendees meet new people outside of a networking app?
@stantontravis How do you measure success of a program like Dinner w/Strangers? Why keep doing it?

@stantontravis How does #exhibitor2014 manage press passes for online journalists/bloggers?
Q3 What are some ways shows can be sure they have the right media represented, both print and digital, big and niche?

@stantontravis Will there be any gamification at #exhibitor2014 — via an app or old school paper style?
Q4 Who remembers what the keys to a successful game are from #expochat 2 weeks ago?

@stantontravis The Square is community space just outside exhibits at #exhibitor2014 – what’s in it?
Q5 How would you define a successful community space/association booth/town hall at a #tradeshow?

@stantontravis What have you reported on lately in @exhibitor that we should be paying more attention to here on #expochat?
Q6 What other questions do you have for Travis?

Don’t forget the #expochat #exhibitor2014 tweetup!

You’re chatting with strangers so you might as well dine with some:


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