Gamification and Trade Shows

ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, February 26, 2014 3PM ET

The archive for today’s chat is now available for viewing on Storify here.

Hanley Wood developed a mobile video game app “to build awareness of its World of Concrete brand and drive engagement with concrete industry professionals.” In this week’s edition of #Expochat, moderator Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno) will talk about using games to accomplish event objectives. Here are the questions she will ask:

1.  Have you ever incorporated/used/seen a game at or in conjunction with a trade show? Describe it.
2.  What place do games have in a business environment?
3.  Organizers: What sorts of event objectives do you think can/should be addressed by games?
4.  How can games like scavenger hunts or video games be designed to appeal to all generations?
5.  Who is driving the interest in games/game theory for trade shows?
6.  Organizers: What is the right formula for a successful trade show game?
7.  If games are so fun and popular, why don’t more trade show organizers use them?
8.  Exhibitors: What successes/failures have you had using games as lead generators?
9.  Where would/could you go to get a game designed for a trade show?

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