Could Old School Exhibitors Damage Your Expo Brand?

Expochat Topic for Wednesday, February 19, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

moderator: Dana Freker Doody (@TheExpoGroup)

Today’s archive is now available for viewing via Storify here.

Please read this post by @donnakastner of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting and hop on the chat to share your views, hear those of the community and interact with the author!

We’re talking about curated shows and want to hear thoughts from organizers, exhibitors, suppliers and all expo folks in between.

Questions this week will have an EX (Exhibitor) or an SO (Show Organizer) within to designate who question is geared toward, from which perspective you should answer if you play multiple roles.

1.       What are the attributes of an “Old School” exhibitor?
2.       EX Have you ever been disappointed at a show when fellow exhibitors were dragging down the perceived value of your aisle?
3.       SO Have you ever rejected an exhibitor for not being a fit for your audience?
4.       How can organizers and exhibitors work together to create richer expo experiences?
5.       SO Would you be willing to have fewer exhibitors/exhibit spaces in exchange for richer attendee experiences?
6.       EX Would you be willing to submit not just exhibit design but interactive marketing plan to a show in advance?
7.       How could expos bring in more new products, vendors, companies, ideas?
8.       How could expos encourage more content sharing & education & experience creation?
9.       What is that worth to everyone in the community?

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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1 Response to Could Old School Exhibitors Damage Your Expo Brand?

  1. Great post and thought provoking questions.

    I always thought it would be helpful for show managers to have a database containing pictures of all their exhibitors booths. When an exhibitor called to discuss their “experience” at the event, show management could reference the pictures to get the full picture.

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