What makes for a great expo website or exhibitor show landing page?

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, January 29, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

The storify archive is now available – http://storify.com/tracibrowne/what-makes-for-a-great-expo-website-or-exhibitor-s

In a recent #ExpoChat @ScottLum made the comment, “If I don’t see the value to attend your conference on your site in less than a minute or two, you’re doing it wrong. “

Wow, less than a minute or two? That’s quite the challenge. Is it possible? What information will sway a potential attendee or exhibitor to attend/sponsor your event? Doesn’t everyone have his or her own reasons for attending? Can the website be all things to all attendees?

That’s what we’ll be discussing this week on #ExpoChat. What are the components that make up a great event website as well as exhibitor landing pages or microsites.

Check out these tips on landing pages for exhibitors from the NAVC Conference 2014

Check out this post “Your Event Website Sucks and How To Fix It” by @tojulius

Check out this post “How to Make Your Home Page More Effective”

Check out this post “Websites Should Help Sell Space” by @TheExpoGroup

Q1. When considering an event to attend/exhibit what three things do you check first? Note if exhibiting or attending.

Q2. What top five pieces of information do you look for on a trade show/expo HOMEPAGE?

Q3. What information should be moved deeper so it doesn’t clutter the home page?

Q4. Are you in the less is more camp or the give it all to them and let them decide what is relevant camp? Why?

Q5. When should an exhibitor/sponsor create a show landing page on their website?

Q6. What would be good to include on an exhibitor/sponsor landing page?

Q7. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to trade show websites?

Q8. What’s something you’ve seen on a trade show website that you love?

I could not find any relevant video again this week so I’m posting this because it amuses me and makes me want to see the movie…it’s remotely related…very remotely…for those receiving this via email…you’ll have to click through to the website to view it.

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