Why Should Content Marketing Be a Part Of Shows/Exhibitor Marketing?

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#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, January 22, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

The trade show industry just doesn’t seem to be able to get it together when it comes to content marketing.

If you read Joe Pulizzi’s new book, “Epic Content Marketing,” you’ll see that what we do with our blogs and our social media reach isn’t really content marketing, it’s advertising on a different channel. So, what’s up with us? There must be a better, more effective way to use the vast reams of content that our trade shows and exhibitors produce.

This week on #Expochat, Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno) will get the answers directly from Joe Pullizi, (@JoePullizi) founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the person who is widely credited with formalizing the discipline of content marketing. Get your questions ready.  Here’s what we will ask him:

Q1. Joe, can you please define content marketing for us?
Q2. Joe, Joe, Joe, why can’t trade shows get it right?
Q3. How can exhibitors use the content that they create at the trade show to market themselves year round?
Q4. How can organizers use content marketing to get more attendees, exhibitors and sponsors?
Q5. What must happen structurally within a trade show organization to put content marketing to work?
Q6. Suppliers in the audience, what is your biggest problem with creating and distributing great content?
Q7. Joe, @tracibrowne and I are big fans of Content Marketing World. What do you do with the content you create there?
Q8. Joe, how can we cultivate the leadership we need in the trade show industry to evangelize content marketing?
Q9. Joe, before you go, what is THE most important thing our industry can do right now to be successful with our content?

Here’s a little video to inspire fans of content marketing to start evangelizing…

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