Getting Attendees To Your Show

The Storify archive for today’s chat is now available here

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, January 8, 2014 3pm ET/noon PT

Dana Freker Doody (@theexpogroup) – Topic Moderator

Let’s kick off 2014 on ExpoChat talking attendee marketing.

Our recent poll unearthed this suggestion, if you haven’t taken it, do it now!

Marketing covers a lot, but let’s share ideas specifically for getting attendees to our trade shows, exhibits and events.

Q1 EXPO mag says email, e-newsletters, show website top 3 vehicles. Agree or disagree? Predict any change for ‘14?
Q2 How much is/should show destination be emphasized in attendee marketing?
Q3 Are offers like earlybird discount working for show organizers?
Q4 Are show discounts/special working for exhibitors?
Q5 Do you help attendees by posting a letter of justification? Is it used?
Q6 What else would make it easy for attendees to justify expenditure?
Q7 What’s a good ratio of push and pull attendee marketing?

And yes, claim your hashtag for marketing purposes, but as indicated in the video, don’t over do it.

#expochatrocks #expochatisawesome #soisjimmy #expochatforlife #traci&stepharemyhomegirls

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