THINK. That’s it, just think.

The storify archive is now available for today’s chat click here.

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 3pm ET

This week’s chat will be moderated by #ExpoChat co-founder Dana Freker Doody @theexpogroup live from The Expo Group’s Booth #101 at IAEE Expo!Expo!

If you are attending Expo!Expo! we encourage you to join Dana in The Expo Group booth #101 at 2pm CT (3pm ET/noon PT).

For the rest of us it will be tweetchat as usual…Don’t even THINK about missing it!

Lightning bolts don’t always strike. Innovation and invention are hard work. How do you carve out time to think about making changes, creating new ideas or solving day-to-day challenges?

Our #ExpoChat community is a smart group continually  thinking about how to make things better and sharing those ideas, activities and results that make our industry great. Like Scott Lee @slee_ctsmcmecmp says, “Focus on how to be better strategic thinkers and not logistic managers.”

Q1 Where and when do you do your best thinking?
Q2 Do you take time to just think strategically? When and how often?
Q3 What do you read or listen to that inspires you? Share links!
Q4 How do you encourage our team or staff or a committee to really think?
Q5 What’s the best new idea you’ve had or heard lately?
Q6 What methods do you use for generating new ideas? (Brainstorming, email storming, crowd sourcing, etc.)
Q7 Seen any new ideas on the trade show floor specifically?
Q8 What do you think about #expochat?

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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