How to make the most of exhibition industry face-to-face events and what we can learn from them

The archive for this chat is available via Storify here

#ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, December 4, 2013 3pm ET/Noon PT

By Stephanie Selesnick (@StephSelesnick)

There are lots of industry events – between all of the associations, publications, etc. the choices seem to grow each year! This week’s expochat is going to not only preview IAEE’s Expo!Expo!, but discuss what we all want from these face-to-face events in our business – and how they can be improved.

Q1. Who is attending Expo!Expo! Next week in Houston? Why or why not?
Q2. What session are you most looking forward to, and why?
Q3. What other industry events do you attend, and why?
Q4a. Do you think Keynotes and Motivational Speakers are lame or worthwhile?
Q4b. Do you attend them or sleep in/do other things? Yes or no, and why?
Q5a. Do template emails work as exhibitor promotion? Do you pay attention to them or just delete? Why or why not?
Q5b. What kind of promotion may work better?
Q6. Is it really necessary to have ppt templates? Or powerpoints at all?
Q7. Are panel discussions really learning experiences? If no, what would work better?
Q8. What do you think our industry events are doing right?
Q9. What is the one thing you wish industry events would change starting now?

When it comes to sleeping in, no one does it better than a cat…

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