Event Technology Think Tank

#Expochat topic for Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 3pm ET/noon PT

Today’s #Expochat archive is now available on Storify.

Moderator: Michelle Bruno (@MichelleBruno)

Even if you’re not the brightest bulb in the pack on the subject of technology, the fact is that technology–software, apps and platforms–runs our shows, our businesses and our booth presentations. This week’s #expochat topic will be an opportunity for you to weigh in on what’s working and what isn’t, what’s new and what’s old, what’s in and what’s out. The end goal will be a brain storm about what those “in the know” about tech should/could do to help those struggling or curious about it.

Here are the questions we’ll be answering today:

Q1 What’s the single most valuable piece of event-industry technology you or your organization are currently using?
Q2 What’s the single biggest problem you are having with event-industry technology today?
Q3 What were the circumstances of the worst event-technology failure you’ve ever experienced?
Q4 What technology have you seen outside the industry that you wish we could have inside the trade show industry?
Q5 What is one event-industry technology you want to know more about?
Q6 What event-industry technology do you consider yourself an expert on?
Q7 What is “the” best resource you have found for learning about event-industry technology?
Q8 What can or should we or our industry leaders do to ease the learning/information curve about technology?

How to Stop Robots from Killing Us?

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