NEXT GEN – the new buzz word. What does it mean?

By this week’s moderator – Stephanie Selesnick (@stephselesnick)

Wow…if you missed this one you missed a good one! Catch the archive here

We keep hearing about how this exhibition, that event or some new technology or software is “Next Generation” or “Next Gen”. Is it? If so, what makes it Next Gen? Or is Next Gen the new meaningless marketing buzz word? We’ve been seeing this term more and more – but there’s no definition! This #expochat will try to define Next Gen and come up with criteria to try and set an industry standard.

What is the definition of “Next Gen”?
Is “Game changing” the same as Next Gen?
How do we measure something is Next Gen?
If an exhibition makes a change on their floor plan or adds a new networking area is that game changing?
Is going paperless Next Gen? Are any event/expos really paperless?
Is going green Next Gen? Why or why not?
Could TED and TedEx be considered Next Gen events? Why? Why not?
How do we now classify something as Next Gen?

This is a bit disturbing but you try coming up with a video for Next Gen (Traci)

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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2 Responses to NEXT GEN – the new buzz word. What does it mean?

  1. Marvin McTaw says:

    This should be an interesting chat! My view going in: “Next Gen” is a useless marketing term for 99% of shows.

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