Do Traditional Sales and Marketing Tactics Still Work?

By Michelle Bruno
(Your moderator this week)

Link to Storify chat archive here.

A Digital Playbook by George P. Johnson and supported by CEIR, EXHIBITOR, ASAE Foundation, IAEE and INXPO details how the tradeshow industry can use social media and digital marketing to achieve greater ROI. It’s a fantastic read. But hey, that discussion is way too complicated. So today on #Expochat, we’re going to talk about old school sales and marketing tactics: direct mail, telephone calls, advertising in print publications or a friendly game of golf.  Here are the questions we’ll be asking:

Q1 Does your organization still use traditional (vs. digital) marketing tactics to get customers? Why? Why not?

Q2 What are the most successful traditional sales and/or marketing tactics you use to get customers?

Q3 How do you measure success with the traditional sales and marketing tactics you use?

Q4 Do the traditional sales and marketing tactics you use work as well for your company or show as digital tactics?

Q5 Do you feel pressure to use social media or digital marketing tactics?

Q6 How do you decide whether to use traditional or digital sales and marketing tactics?

Q7 Will digital sales and marketing tactics eventually replace traditional tactics?  If not, why not?

 Let this guy to “take you by the hand” and show you a new way to market

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1 Response to Do Traditional Sales and Marketing Tactics Still Work?

  1. Marvin McTaw says:

    I’m really looking forward to this week’s conversation. Old school methods tend to be more expensive, harder to scale and lower ROI. I think a combination of the old school and existing digital marketing (e.g. PPC) can be incredibly effective. With limited budgets (and time being even more limited), I think leaning more towards digital should be everyone’s preference even if they aren’t comfortable with it.

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