Event & Expo Suitcasing and Outboarding – how do we deal with this very real, global issue?

Expochat on Wed, August 14th at noon PT, 3pm ET

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Because many of us were missing our expochats (moderators and our awesome community), AND because this topic is so important, AND because we were able to procure a very special guest, we’re breaking our summer hiatus and slipping in an August chat.

Rick Calvert, CEO (@blogworld) of New Media Expo (NMX, formerly Blogworld) who wrote an excellent blog about Suitcasing and Outboarding will be joining us. This is a topic that everyone in our community has to deal with. Not just show organizers, but exhibitors and sponsors and attendees as well.

We do have required reading for this chat…not to worry…it’s a good read. It is Rick’s post “Travel Blog Exchange: How Suitcasing and Outboarding Harm Events”

This is not going to be a bitch session. We’re looking to have a discussion about just why it’s an issue. How it impacts show organizers financially. How it impacts exhibitor’s businesses. How it affects attendees who may or may not feel duped.

But we also want to talk about steps we can take to prevent this practice. Is there something show organizers can do to help curb suitcasing and outboarding…if not eliminate it?

Are we harming ourselves by using jargon like suitcasing and outboarding when most attendees and those committing the offense have no idea what those terms mean?

Bring your ideas and passions to this discussion and if there’s a devil’s advocate out there by all means please invite him or her. We hate when everyone agrees!

This is what all my friends not in the biz think “suitcasing” is…

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