Brandscaping Expos and Trade Shows with Andrew Davis

Today’s expochat archive is now available for download as a PDF – Brandscaping-Expos-and-Trade-Shows-with-A-1.-Davis

This week on #ExpoChat we are very excited to have Andrew Davis, author of Brandscaping with us.

I met Andrew at a SISO conference a couple years ago and thought he was one of the best, most motivating speakers I’ve heard. I recommend him to everyone as a keynote speaker. Andrew puts a lot of effort into understanding the audience and customizing his presentation.

Anyhoo…back to Brandscaping

My initial reaction when I read Andrews book was, this is what sponsorship for our trade shows and events should look like! Unfortunately many events have ruined the word sponsorship by turning it into nothing more than an ad buy.

“Brandscaping is about unleashing the power of partnerships,” says Davis.

Brandscaping is something that every trade show should be doing and something that every exhibitor should be seeking. It’s something that every marketing person should be looking at for their company.

So what is brandscaping? Here is how Andrew describes it on his website.

A process that brings like-minded brands and their respective audiences together to create content that increases demand and drives revenue.

How does a budding clothing manufacturer partner with a young and talented YouTube director to sell more sweatshirts? Or, a London taxi-cab dispatcher turn her online video tutorials into a $100 million brand? Why are companies like Converse acting like Renaissance-era art patrons? How does a software company team up with a book publisher to sell more software (and more books)?

If you’ve not yet read Brandscaping (buy it now and read it ASAP) then watch this video for an understanding of what we’ll be talking about. (You’ll also get a lesson in how to create a great video that people will watch.)

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1 Response to Brandscaping Expos and Trade Shows with Andrew Davis

  1. Looking forward to chatting with everyone today! Thanks gang for inviting me!
    – Andrew

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