Training exhibitors…whose job is it?

#Expochat topic for Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – 3pm ET/noon PT

Today’s archive is now available for download as a PDF (tweetdoc was acting up so the archive is backwards…scroll to the bottom and read up…starts at the top of page 24) – TweetChat – #expochat

Show organizers are often lamenting the fact that many exhibitors don’t come to shows prepared for the type of selling and marketing environment that is the show floor. We’ve all seen booth staffers who sit behind a table with their head in their phone or staffers who spend more time talking to their colleagues and the booth staff across the aisle than they do the attendees walking the aisles.

Then there is the issue of poor pre-show marketing, lead follow-up and even getting people to read their show manual.

Back in the day many shows would offer booth staff training but it was often the day before the show and not only did no one show up but by that point it’s almost too late for the lessons to sink in. Not to mention the fact that the people who really need to attend the training are often the ones who think they don’t need it.

So whose job is it to make sure exhibitors and their booth staff is properly trained? Should show organizers do more to provide the training they need? Or should they just be left to their own devices? Is it enough to give them a list of resources and let them pay for it themselves or should show organizers be spending the money to provide the training? How do you convince busy exhibitors that taking advantage of training would give them a better ROI? How do you deliver that training?

This is what we’ll be discussing this week on #Expochat

Exhibitors – join us and let us know what resources you would use and how you would like them delivered

Show organizers – join us and let us know what has and has not worked for you in the past.

Industry partners – you’ve seen it all…let us know what you’ve experienced…what works and what doesn’t.

Sadly I could not embed this video but enjoy it by clicking on the link…

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