How do we communicate the value of trade shows part II

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, May 8, 2013 3pm ET/noon PT

The archive for today’s chat is now available for download – How-do-we-communicate-the-value-of-trade-shows-II

A couple weeks ago we talked about communicating the value of trade shows to exhibitors and sponsors (we ran out of time so we decided to tackle the attendee side today). This week we’ll be talking about how to better communicate the value of our trade shows to attendees.

This is the second part of the follow-up to a previous chat – Defending Trade Shows.

Today we’ll dig deeper into that discussion and try to uncover ways we can communicate show value…other than talking about free drink tickets. This discussion fits nicely in with our topic last week about the differences in Gen X and Gen Y attendees. One size does not fit all.

Q1. What type of information does an attendee need about a show that will help prove the value in attending?

Q2. One reason people come to a show is to be educated…how do shows deliver education they can’t get elsewhere?

Q3. Another reason attendees attend shows is to find new products and services…what are ways we can help them do this more effectively?

Q4. What resources can show organizers deliver/create that will help attendees do a better job measuring their ROI in the show?

Q5. What R ways we can communicate better w/our attendees/potential attendees? (find them, message medium, get their attention, etc.)

Enjoy some vintage Adele singing “Crazy for You” at the Montreux Jazz Fest (2008)

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