How do we communicate the value of Trade Shows?

The archive for today’s chat is now available for download as a PDF – How-do-we-communicate-the-value-of-trade-shows

ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, April 17, 2013 3pm ET/noon PT

This week on #ExpoChat we’ll be talking about how to better communicate the value of our trade shows to attendees and sponsors/exhibitors. This is a continuation of our last chat – Defending Trade Shows.

I (@tracibrowne) was a bit disheartened after that chat. I presented real questions that exhibitors had posed to me questioning the value of continuing to exhibit at shows they felt were not delivering the results they needed. These were senior level marketing people who understand measurement and actually do it. There biggest complaints were that shows were no longer delivering a good audience. What I heard in the chat was platitudes…quality over quantity.

Well that’s just not enough of an answer. Today we’ll dig deeper into that discussion and try to uncover ways we can communicate show value…ways that are more than just saying, well attendance is down but the buyers are there…we are giving you an audience of quality. Because one size does not fit all.

1. What type of information does an exhibitor need about who is attending a show that will prove the value of that attendee?

2. How can we get that information from our attendees?

3. Is there other value a trade show organizer can deliver to exhibitors…something other than just butts in seats?

4. What resources can show organizers deliver/create that will help exhibitors do a better job measuring their presence at the show?

5. What are some ways we can communicate better with our exhibitors? (finding the right point of contact, message medium, one-on-ones, etc.)

When “because I said so” just isn’t enough…


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2 Responses to How do we communicate the value of Trade Shows?

  1. Jai Cole says:

    Many companies are retiring senior staff that are the major decision makers about trade show participation and that appreciate the value of shows. These baby boomers are still the largest cohort, that bought into trade show marketing and may have in fact kept the industry on top as the primary means to reach buyers and shout out brand awareness. They are moving on to influencing retirement living, travel, and health and wellness.
    The executives coming on board in these roles are from new generations – they are driving the market and they are a culture with different values and ideologies.
    Yes, the industry is implementing social media and mobile technology as a cure-all, hoping to show that we are embracing current trends, however these communication tools have quickly become a commodity and the Aha is gone.
    That isn’t to say that these new decision makers are throwing the “baby out with the bathwater”, but they are putting all marketing streams under a microscope. If we go back in history face-to-face marketing evolved from stalls in the street to fairs and then to trade shows. Where we evolve from here is the big question -does anyone have a crystal ball?

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