Defending Trade Shows

#expochat topic for Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 3pm ET/noon PT

Today’s #expochat archive is now available for download – Defending-Trade-Shows

This past week I had a couple of very interesting conversations about trade shows with VP and C-level execs. They had some tough questions about their industry shows and after listening to them it was hard to be the trade show cheer leader…at least in these instances.

Then there was this thought provoking post by Dave Lutz “Five Symptoms That Your Expo Is About To Fail”

So this week I’d like to post to all of you the comments/questions that were posed to me and see how you would respond. These were from people having trouble justifying attendance at shows…and yes, they do a good job tracking any leads coming from the show and are very well known in their space.

C1 We are seeing less and less buyers at our industry’s biggest show. Seems like attendees are exhibitors and association chapter leaders paid to attend.

C2 We spend $20,000 + on this show and get just 5-10 good leads, but we worry about pulling out and not being seen…what should we do?

C3 Attendees say the association doesn’t have it’s finger on the pulse of the industry anymore, education is down and nothing new on the show floor.

C4. Trade shows are just so expensive, I’d be better off spending that money flying to our best customers and taking them out to dinner/spending quality time with them.

(I’m was a huge fan of 80s music…in the 80s anyway…how do I not know this song???)

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