A Look At Trade Show Audits With Dan Cole of CES

#ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, March 6, 2013 3pm ET/Noon PT

Today’s #ExpoChat archive is now available as a PDF – Trade-Show-Audits

Audits – a subject that’s come up in #ExpoChat many times and has very passionate supporters and equally passionate detractors.

Instead of arguing about it…we’ve asked Dan Cole, vice president of business development for the International CES® and CEA to answer some of our questions on this topic. We are all familiar with CES but did you know their show is one that is audited by an independent organization?

So please join Stephanie Selesnick (@stephselesnick) this week on #ExpoChat (Wednesday, March 6, 3pm ET/noon PT) to pepper Dan with your own questions and to also give your opinions on the questions we will be asking Dan.

You may also want to read this editorial in Exhibitor Magazine by Travis Stanton (@stantontravis) Something to Hide

And this article also in Exhibitor Magazine – Audits and Surveys

Q1 Did CES exhibitors ask for an audit or did tour organization just decide to do it? And if they were asking, what percentage asked?
Q2 Did CES ever consider not doing audits and why? This will be a pros and cons question.
Q3 Does having an audit help sell booths and sponsorships?
Q4 Are more marketing directors expecting audits like they do when advertising in publications?
Q5 Does you (Dan) see any reason why a show should not do an audit?
Q6 Have you heard of/seen any evidence that some bigger companies are pulling out of shows because they don’t have audited numbers?
Q7 Does CES promote the fact you have audit, and if so how?

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