How current events might impact your show

The #ExpoChat archive is now available for download as a pdf – How-current-events-might-impact-your-show

This week on #ExpoChat we want to explore a tricky subject. We’re going to talk politics a bit. More specifically about when politics/current events can have an impact on your show.

The weekend after Sandy hit the East Coast the question was, will the New York Marathon go on as scheduled or would they cancel. What was the right thing to do?

Lately the news seems to be concentrating on gun shows that are being cancelled and gun shows that are continuing as planned. Everything from small county shows to larger regional events.

This chat is not about specific events or specific politics. This chat is about how current events might impact your show and how show organizers and exhibitors can manage the situation.

After all, let’s remember that this is a business. One cannot just say, weeks or days before and event, “let’s skip it this year.” There are so many things to take into consideration. Cancelling an event could mean bankruptcy for some shows.

Again, this chat is NOT going to be a gun discussion. We are going to have an exchange of ideas of how a show organizer or exhibitor might best navigate when they find themselves in a similar situation as some shows found themselves in after 9-11, or after hurricane Sandy, or after the tragedy in Newtown.

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