Questions that came up this week at PCMA

Today’s Expochat archive is now available for download as a PDF – What-we-learned-from-PCMA-Convening-Leaders

Today on ExpoChat we are going to address some questions or issues that were overheard at PCMA Convening Leaders in Orlando. But don’t worry, you need not have been present there to participate…they are issues that all show organizers and exhibitors face all the time.

Q1 Do we need alternative evening entertainment that doesn’t cause attendees to sleep in & miss morning sessions? If so what & why?

Q2 Should you accommodate introverts at UR show? People who don’t like crowds and constant stimulation…not shy people and…

Q2 cont. What are ways you might do that?

Q3 Should conference organizers hire or consult with Psychologists and other experts when designing an event? How might they help?

Q4 What makes a good expo location? (The city/location…not the venue attributes…that’s next)

Q5 What are key elements in a venue you need to attract attendees and ensure success for exhibitors and/or show organizer?

Q6 Should show organizers take big risks? Or just tweek what they are already doing? What are the advantages/disadvantages of both?

And on that note…

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