How do you make the show floor more enticing?

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How many times have you heard a conversation about a show that included comments like, “there really was not anything new on the show floor” or “no one had anything new, it took me just an hour or two to see everything interesting.”

With the advent of the global recession, our exhibitors cut back on new product development and production, so for many industries there really is not much new on the show floor. Since the #1 reason people go to expos is to see new things, how can show organizers provide the “what’s new” component at least until their exhibitors get their new product development pipelines going again.

What kinds of new things are people doing on the show floor – particularly the last hours on the last day to keep attendees in the building? Besides the usual food/beverage events, passport stamping and new product showcases?

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Title: “Creating a Fascinating Marketplace for Your Attendees”
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What can be done to make people stay instead of go?

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