Keynote Presentations

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Providing Keynotes Our Audience Values

ExpoChat archive available as PDF Download: Providing-Keynotes-Our-Audience-Values (Starts on page 4)

We wanted to explore this topic today because one of the award winning shows at the the 3rd Annual TSNN Awards (T Awards) this month uses surveys to find out who their attendees want to hear. We’ve never tackled this topic on #ExpoChat before so let’s give it a go.

We’re also going to try an interesting new format I came across on the Brainzooming site in a post titled 1 Great Way to Be More Creative Each Day.

It’s not really made for Tweetchats but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a try. It keeps the questions much more open and allows for greater creativity instead of going at it with an already established agenda. So here is how we are going to tackle the idea of Keynote presentations this week.

Q1   How could we do more of it?
Q2   How could we do less of it?
Q3   In what ways could we replace it?
Q4   Is there a way to turn it around?
Q5   Is there a way to remove it?
Q6   Are there ways to customize it?
Q7   Can it be standardized?
Q8   How could we simplify things?

Now at first glance you might think, what do you mean can it be standardized? How do you standardize a keynote? That’s where the creativity comes into play. What does the question mean to you? Maybe to you it means standardizing the contracts, maybe your call for presentation procedures, maybe it’s the marketing, maybe it’s something else. If you read that question just go with whatever starts coming out of your head and type away!

There is only one rule, and that is…if you’re not sure what you want to say is relevant to the question say it anyway! The point of this is to generate ideas and your idea may be the best one out there. Don’t make us all miss out because you thought it might not be the right time to throw it out there.

Now, for your entertainment…the Steve Jobs Keynote Blooper Reel

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