Planning For the Unexpected Even If You Expect It

Expochat archive available for download as PDF – When-and-How-Do-You-Cancel-Your-Event

Note: We will be repeating this topic on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 due to the fact we had to table the discussion for a later date because of low turnout due to Hurricane Sandy. It was a case of chat imitating life.

We pondered cancelling the chat but decided to go ahead with it any way with Dana Freker Doody moderating. Well, only a couple people showed up so Dana decided to call it a day and postpone the chat until the next week.

Can you really plan for the unexpected? What do you do if your show takes place the same time as a hurricane?

Trick or Treat?

Some background reading for today’s Chat – When Is Too Late to Cancel Your Event? and Planning for Cancellations: A How-To Guide

Q1 Have you ever canceled an event or had one canceled at which you were exhibiting or attending?
Q2 What considerations must be taken when canceling?
Q3 Would you rather have event cancelled early (a week or few days prior) or late (last possible day)?
Q4 How and when do you communicate whether event will go on or cancellation imminent?
Q5 Do you have a backup plan?

How do your attendees feel when you tell them you cancelled? What the video…

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