Marketing Your Show With Video

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, October 24, 2012 3pm ET/noon PT

The archive for today’s chat is now available for download as PDF: expochat-10242012

(Note: the opening ice-breaker question was cut off the archive…it was…What is your favorite work from home outfit…explains the first several posts)

Earlier this year we had an #expochat topic on Video Marketing – “Video Marketing – What’s Up With That”. But this week we’re going to take a deeper dive into the topic of video marketing for your event.

And yes, there is some homework this week. For background info on this topic we invite you to read a fairly recent post by Adria Saracino on the Content Marketing Institute blog titled, “How to Create Video Content that Actually Works.”

Q1. What do you think makes for a compelling marketing video…not just for events but products? Services?

Q2. Aside from having an additional marketing medium what reasons are their for using video to market your event?

Q3. The article reference on today’s chat post talks about what type of content works for video…what do you think should/shouldn’t be included?

Q4. What types of “calls to action” could/should you promote in a show marketing video?

Q5. Is there a right or wrong tone for a show marketing video? Should it be fun? Serious? Funny? Etc.?

Q6. What are some good first steps for someone who wants to create a marketing video for their show?

Example of an event marketing video from the post below

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