Multisensory Experiences On the Trade Show Floor

#expochat topic for Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Download the archive of this chat as a PDF here – Multisensory-Experiences

In today’s over-saturated world of marketing messages, it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out in the mind of attendees. One way to become more memorable is to create multisensory experiences. Research has shown that when more senses are stimulated, the message appears more innovative and memorable because each sense engages a different part of the brain. The challenge is that most trade shows have been focused heavily on only two senses: sight and sound. This week’s expochat will explore ways to enhance those two senses and appeal to the other three (smell, taste, and touch) as well. Our guest moderator is Marlys Arnold (@imagespecialist), founder and host of the Exhibit Marketers Café and author of Build a Better Trade Show image and blog cast Trade Show Insights.

Q1  What multisensory marketing examples can you think of from outside the world of trade shows?
Q2  What can be done differently to enhance the element of sight/visual at trade shows?
Q3  Besides simply talking, how can sound be used to define your brand?
Q4  Emotions are strongly tied to scent, so how can you use that to your advantage on the show floor?
Q5  Taste is the trickiest to include – what examples have you seen from non-food exhibitors that work well?
Q6  How can you create more of a sense of touch in your exhibits?
Q7  How can you tie these multisensory cues back to the theme of your show or exhibit?

Now…picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…

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3 Responses to Multisensory Experiences On the Trade Show Floor

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  2. Anders says:

    I work as a trade show infotainer. My job is to create an experience in the booth for the prospects to remember. Of course I can only work with sight, sound and touch.

    Interestingly enough one of my clients gave away booth bacon during a show. It was a predominantly male show (IT) and the scent of the bacon wafted through the entire hall. On twitter people were tweeting about where is that smell coming from.

    Bacon may not work at every show but I do agree in increasing the number of senses you engage. .My mentor Joel Bauer says, “the more senses you involve, the more money you’ll make”.

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