How does a down economy impact trade shows/exhibiting?

Expochat topic for Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 3PM ET/Noon PT (9pm Amsterdam)

The #expochat archive is now available for download as PDF – How-does-a-down-economy-impact-trade-showsexhibit

We’re hearing great reports from industry sources that trade shows are bouncing back. Are these shows that are thriving an anomaly or are they becoming the norm? What about our exhibitors? Are they bouncing back too? Are budgets increasing, staying the same or are there still wide spread cutbacks? What lessons can we learn from this “recession” that can benefit struggling shows in the future regardless of economic boom or fall? What tips do you have for exhibitors on how to survive the lean times? The economy bounces back at a different rate for all companies…it ebbs and flows with no set pattern sometimes. Your competition can be having a boom year and your company…well…it just blows. On this week’s #expochat we’re going to share lessons learn to pass along to future generations…or maybe someone can use the advice next week!

We heard from the Produce Marketing Association back in February how they decided to cut back to a two day show…you can download the archive of that chat here to discover how this helped the show and their exhibitors.

Also, you can read this article for a bit of background on that topic…TSNN article “National Association of Home Builders’ Show Drops from Four Days to Three in 2013; PMA Also Cuts Fresh Summit to Two Days

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