Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. It’s all we ever hear about…

This #expochat archive is now available for download – Mobile.-Mobile.-Mobile-It’s-all-we-ever-hear-about

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. It’s all we ever hear about. You can’t pick up a magazine, click on a blog post or attend a conference without having to hear about mobile apps, mobile integration, mobile advertising or mobile data. But, what are we experiencing on the front lines at trade shows?  Are mobile apps really changing our lives as organizers, exhibitors and suppliers or is it just a big conspiracy perpetrated by Apple to get us to drink the iPhone/iPad Kool-Aid (with every other platform just following along hoping for some of that same juju)?  Can we step back and see where we are as an industry or should we blow off this tweetchat and get in line for the iPhone 5 like everyone else?

Guest Moderator for this chat is Michelle Bruno!


What benefits have you actually experienced first-hand through mobile in a tradeshow environment?
App providers:  Why are you developing apps for events and not making better hummus for Traci’s cat? i.e. doing something else.
Organizers: what are you using mobile for at your events?
Organizers: what kind of mobile adoption are you seeing in percentages at your events?
Exhibitors, what are you doing with/about mobile at tradeshows?
Suppliers, have you migrated your offerings to mobile? Why/Why not?
What can mobile do for you that it’s not yet doing?
Is mobile a scam or the best thing that’s ever happened to the trade show universe?

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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