Event websites – What makes one great?

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, September 12th, 3pm ET

Archive of today’s chat now available for download as PDF – Event-Websites—What-Makes-Them-Great

Do you prefer to view the archive on Storify? Check it out here

This week’s topic was a hot one for everyone.  We’re looking for input from exhibitors and show organizers as well as our industry thought leaders and suppliers.  To help us along with this discussion we’ve asked Melissa Ooi (@melissaooi) and Arran Coole (@arrancoole) from ASP Events to join us.  I’ve always loved their clients’ sites for so many reasons…take a look at some of them here.

The format for the chat is the same…we want everyone to chime in with their thoughts and ideas…as well as Melissa and Aaron our experts for this topic. But if you have any particular questions for them…please, by all means ask them!

Our chat teaser below for this week comes from Melissa Ooi

A website is one of the strongest promotional tools for your event – it offers not only a first impression with your show, but probably also the last impression once they’ve attended your physical event. So in the event landscape, why are some people getting it so right, and some getting it so wrong? Does there need to be an overwhelming sense of dread every time we think of websites?  This week’s expochat will explore event websites and answer questions, such as:

Q1         What makes a good website and why?

Q2        How do you get your organization to give it the priority should it deserves in the marketing plan?

Q3         How often should an event website be updated during the show cycle?

Q4         How does design contribute to a successful event website?

Q5         What content makes a good event website? Who’s responsible for it?

Q6         Do I need to incorporate social media into my website?

Q7         What do I need to consider when choosing a website vendor?

And of course…enjoy this website pitch I found on YouTube…


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