Bringing the outside in…#hybrid events

Archive is now available for download as a PDF here -Bringing-the-outside-in…hybrid-events(1)

Last week on #ExpoChat we discussed incorporating technology to extend the reach of your trade show or exhibit to a wider audience by live streaming educational content and booth demos, etc.

At the very end of the chat John Toner, Vice President, Convention and Industry Relations at United Fresh Produce Association (@jtonerv) delighted us with this idea…

John Toner V@jtonerv

A8 I have also seen exhibitors live stream from a plant to their booth in order to sell a concept bring the outsidein #expochat

I also asked Scott Lum (@ScottLum) if they’ve done this at any of the Microsoft Events and he told me they have…”It allows us to bring in SMEs who may not otherwise attend.” Scott also said, “We’ve used it as an ask the experts service in the booth. Booth person did most of engagement but hard questions went to the Expert online.”

This was an idea the #ExpoChat participants were keen to explore…so without further adieu…it is the topic of this week’s chat. Join us to do some #ExpoChat brainstorming!

Click on Pic for famous example of bringing the outside in…


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