Education on the Show Floor and Beyond…#Hybrid Events

>#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, August 8th 3pm ET (noon PT)

The archive of today’s chat is now available for download as PDF – Show-Floor-Education(1)

Today’s topic is inspired by The Expo Group’s (transparency alert – Dana Freker Doody from the Expo Group is one of our #ExpoChat founders) award winning ASHE ConnectLive Hybrid Event.

We all get that you can stick a camera in a room of a session and live stream it to an audience at their computer. Many of us have probably seen great examples of this and many more have probably seen poor examples of this…examples that felt a lot more like watching CSPAN.

Some topical reading:
Blending of Virtual and Face-to-Face: Continuing the Conversation at TS2
“Continuing the Conversation” a Hybrid Events Hit at TS² Tradeshow!
Hybrid Event Strategy Positions ASHE for Growth
How AVMG and The Expo Group helped APWA “Continue the Conversation”

This is what great engaging show floor education looks like when done right

Today we want to talk about how we can use the hustle and bustle of the show floor to our advantage and create something that will be compelling to someone attending the show in person and also, to someone who is watching on their computer. And we’re not just talking about show management. Exhibitors can do this right in their booth all on their very own.

So…Assuming education has a place on the Trade Show floor…(Exhibitors…this means you too)
Q1 How have you seen education sessions on floor do well or bomb from show mgmt and in your booth or a client booth
Q2 Size, timing, schedule, Content — What works
Q3 How can exhibitors benefit?
Q4 How do attendees benefit?
Q5 How do you market this kind of on floor opportunity to expo only pass people? ( looking for ideas here!)
Q6 How can you take that action of the Education and build buzz?
Q7 What if the expo only education became your virtual piece for hybrid event?
Q8 What. If you live streamed your in booth presentations?

Today’s video is actually really interesting…started out as a silly thing but I ended up learning quite a bit!


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